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Tattoo Artists

Mike DeVries - View Tattoo Gallery - Email Artist

Born and raised in Southern California's San Fernando Valley. I recieved my first tattoo when I was 16 years old. That event opened the window to a whole new world for me. I've always been into art, I've loved everything about it! I always had a fondness for the realism style and would explore tattoo magazines during my early years, amazed at the portraiture work done by some of the great black and grey artists. 

I started tattooing professionally in 2003. As I progressed as a tattoo artist I soon realized that I found my niche with color realism. Constantly refining and polishing this craft  keeps me extremely busy and motivated to climb to the next level. A glimpse through my portfolio reveals my preference for wildlife and portrait tattoos. Although realism is the style I'm technically "known for," I do enjoy tattooing other styles and incorporating different aspects in my work to keep things fresh and interesting.

In addition to owning and operating MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, California, and Memento Publishing, where we market, publish and sell books that encompass a passion for the artistic lifestyle. I also keep busy as co-owner of Stencil Stuff, which is a company that offers Stencil Stuff and Spray Stuff, products that aid artists in achieving better tattoo results. The solutions are used by thousands of tattoo artists every day and I hope are a positive attribute to the tattoo industry. I am honored to be an award-winning artist, garnering approximately 130 awards in the first seven years that I have been tattooing. And the accomplishment I am most proud of is being happily married to my beautiful wife Serena, and a father to our awesome son, Kyle.


Katelyn Crane - View Tattoo Gallery - Email Artist

 I grew up in the hard knocked streets of one of the safest cities of the country, Simi Valley CA. The only way I stood out growing up was being a head taller than all of my classmates. In the 8th grade I took an art class and realized there finally was a subject in school that held my short attention span the whole 55 minutes it was in session. In high school I doodled on my notes and planned out the tattoos I was going to get myself when I was 18, something my parents always thought was a cute joke. Then I turned 18 and came home with some tattoos on my hips that my mom had assumed I drew on myself before I broke the news. 

 In 2005 my addiction of getting tattooed was in full swing and the only class I was passing in college was my art course when I asked my own tattoo artist, Mike DeVries if he could teach me what he knew. I had been travelling with him to conventions as just a collector and realized that the world I had been peeking into was something I wanted to devote my lifes work to. I've been working at his shop full time since 2008 and still grateful everyday that I am able to do something that I love. I love the constant human interaction. My client's unique perspectives drive me to get better everyday, to be able to more accurately convey what they see in their heads to what ends up going on their skin. I never wanted to be better than anyone else, just better than I was yesterday. 

My favorite color is blue, I have a pug named Puggy Sue who is the light of my life and I have a bucketlist I keep with me at all times, and even though I try to cross off things as much as I can, it just seems to keep getting longer. 


Jamie Lee Parker - View Tattoo Gallery - Email Artist

I grew up in Southern California and have been drawing/designing ever since I can remember. I Started my apprenticeship with Mike DeVries at the end of 09 and have been loving the experience of tattooing. My work is mostly realism. But Its always fun to switch it up and do different styles I don't normally get to tattoo.


Marc Durrant - View Tattoo Gallery - Email Artist

Born in Philly, and raised in Pittsburgh, I moved to Los Angeles after acquiring my BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University. Eventually I sought out a tattoo apprenticeship and I quickly realized my intense passion for creating art in the skin. My favorite thing to tattoo is anything nerdy that interests me like anime, comic books, or geeky movies. I would love to do more food tattoos, and I would like to explore more geometric designs. When I am not tattooing, you’ll find me spending time with my wife and daughter and playing video games.

Daniel Chashoudian - View Tattoo Gallery - Email Artist

 I have had a passion for art ever since I was a child. My earliest known drawing on record was when I was about six years old. It was a replica of a painting in my living room. I still have it thanks to my Grandmother who always signed and dated all of my earlier drawings. You couldn’t get me away from art. That’s all I wanted to do besides climbing trees jumping on rocks and swinging over streams on a rope fighting off dragons, monsters, demons and whatever else I created in my fictional world. Even through most of my school years I spent my time drawing and doodling in class instead of doing the actual class work. When I turned 18 I got a job with my friends dad in construction, It was alright but I couldn’t see myself doing this for the rest of my life. In 2003 I met Jim Hayek who became a good friend and taught me the art of tattooing, I knew then that this is what I wanted to do! In 2006 I quit working construction and became a full time tattoo artist. Jim Hayek, Mike Devries, H. R. Giger, Chet Zar, Paul Booth, and Bob Tyrrell are just a few of the artists that influenced me through out my career as an artist. Thats about it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for reading!

Spencer Caligiuri - View Tattoo Gallery - Email Artist

I was born and raised in hot and sunny Southern California and made most of my memories roaming around the hills, beaches, and constantly making art.  Artistic visions have infected my brain since before I can remember but I was never quite sure what avenue to pursue. I wrote, drew, designed, made movies, and painted while managing to finally drop out of my third attempt at college. I fell in love with oil painting in 2009 and fully committed myself to it.  Around the same time I reconnected with an old friend and tattooer who was the catalyst that pushed me towards tattooing.  I must have been born under some lucky stars because I was fortunate enough to find myself an apprenticeship with Mike DeVries and MD Tattoo Studio. I started tattooing in the summer of 2014 and couldn't be more grateful for where my life is and blessed with the incredible people I am surrounded by!


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